Georgia Color | Patron - Silver - $200

$ 200.00

Support the Georgia Color Plein Air as a Patron of Show
Levels: Gold = $300, Silver = $200, Bronze = $150
You can bring a breath of fresh art to Georgia’s Golden Isles when forty
of our state’s top outdoor painters will create collectible works during their stay in and around St Simons Island. A number of activities are planned, featuring these Artists.

For your support we would like to provide the following:
~ Friend of Show Listing in Program
~ Complimentary Admission to Talks/Demos (please reserve slot in advance)
~ Two Tickets to Our Artist Welcome

~ Two Tickets to Our Artist Awards and Collectors Celebration – (Gold and Silver Levels Only)

~ Advance Entry and First Purchase Opportunity to Awards and Collectors Celebration (Gold Level Only)

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