"A Story of Switchbacks" by Cynthia Rosen

$ 3,000.00

18" x 24" Oil on wood panel

Olmsted associated park:  Canyonlands National Park

Shafer Trail is a narrow dirt track that travels between the top of Shafer Canyon to the Potash evaporation ponds. It follows the steep edges of natural rock structures, with sharp switchbacks and and unless one likes the sensation of literally 'living on the edge' I do not recommend driving it! (How well do you trust your brakes?) After a short lived attempt and finding a place in which I could turn my car around, I chose to interpret the view from the Canyon edge. I may have elaborated on the number of switchbacks in my painting, but that only comes from the fear I experienced during my failed attempt to drive it. (It took two hours for my heart to return

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