"Hill to Hill" by John Eiseman

$ 4,250.00

24" x 30" painting size,  oil on cotton canvas

Olmsted associated park: National Arboretum, Washington, DC.

The National Arboretum has many walkways, pathways and "drive ways" in its design. There is a hill on Azalea Drive NE in the Arboretum park that overlooks a pasture, trees and the Capitol grounds beyond...with the Washington Monument in the background. So - this painting ostensibly captures two Olmsted parks - 1) The National Arboretum, and, 2) the Capitol grounds. It depicts the Arboretum and grounds in early Autumn. I wanted to capture the golden glow of an early autumn morning... and the metaphore that it represents for the "city on a hill". Hence, the title "Hill to Hill".

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