"Self Acceptance Portrait " by  Isabelle Alarcon

$ 850.00

18" x 10" Painting Size, Paper on Oil

"This self portrait means a lot to me because of my journey with alopecia: an autoimmune disease that causes your immune system to attack your hair follicles causing hair loss. I’ve had it since 7th grade, and for a young girl’s image, you can imagine how terrifying it was to literally be going bald in middle school. I had to start going to a dermatologist and get steroid injections in my scalp, which I used rose thorns in this painting to show the pain this experience has caused me. I hated my hair for years and years living with the fear of losing it all. I’ve embraced being bald and shaving my hair. I dye my hair crazy colors and get tons of stares everyday. Stares I used to HATE getting because I was so ashamed of my hair. Thank goodness I love my hair now and I want everyone to see what cool things I do with it!"

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