“Water Nymph” by Susan Lynn

$ 1,400.00

11” x 14”  Watercolor on paper 

Olmsted associated park: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, New York

I was working from a photo I had taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens a while back. I've been looking for an excuse to paint this scene - the light was so perfect, and I love how the fountain sculpture is so beautifully integrated into the natural elements of this water garden. I created both the water grasses and the foreground rose bushes with three or four layers of gestural calligraphic marks, which gives the illusion of a lot of texture and detail, without the fuss. While the fountain is the subject of the piece, those rose bushes are the real joy of it for me. The dance of all that delicate mark-making is one of the things that continually pulls me back to painting with watercolor.

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