"Life Itself" by Seth Tummins

$ 3,000.00

Seth Tummins
Life Itself
Oil on Linen Panel
14" x 22"

I stood at the window at dawn. Tendrils of light grew, slide down, faded, only to light up another section. It seemed to me like a dance, something fast made slow, a silent song, a drama. I didn't make mental notes, I didn't make a sketch. I made time to see it. I gave time to it. From all of these layers--the drama with no audience, my eavesdropping upon the performance, the beauty of the colors, the warmth given to a chilly morning, the short time it would last--from all of this bubbled up the idea that this was life itself. Not only what was happening in the woods, but also my standing there so grateful for this silent stage.

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