"Old B(a)rn, New B(e)rn" by Jeff Williams

$ 1,200.00

Jeff Williams
Old B(a)rn, New B(e)rn
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper
8" x 16"

Painted on location as part of the Plein Air New Bern 2021 held New Bern, North Carolina, May 10-16, 2021. It was a rainy, windy day and there was a gas shortage which limited our comfort level for scouting the area, however, I went afield and found this barn alongside the road. The painting was done from the shelter of my car quite rapidly as the rain sprinkled down. I was as struck by the tree shapes as much as by the barn itself, and I found the illuminated field beyond quite interesting, helping to silhouette these shapes.

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