“Selah” by Seth Tummins

$ 5,000.00

Seth Tummins
Oil on Linen Panel
14" x 18"

The word "selah" is mysterious to us just as it was to ancient commentators. Some gave it the meaning "always" or "forever", while others say it has a liturgical function as an appeal for the bystanders to join in with a eulogistic response such as "lift up" or "praise", and still others gave it a musical meaning marking a pause. The evening, the snow, the arrangement, the quiet -this picture has a mysterious draw upon my spirit that leads me to be still, be silent, and listen for the voice that called to Adam. I am still listening. "Selah" was awarded Best of Show by T. Allen Lawson at the 2021 SAGE Community Arts National Show and is housed in a hand-carved frame from Masterworks frames in Utah. This picture is close to my heart.

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